Feb. 1924 Tokyo Steel Furniture Factory founded in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo by founder Tajima On. This was the start of the first domestic steel furniture production in Japan.
Dec. 1939 Tokyo Sokki Co., Ltd. established.
May. 1949 Trade name changed to "Nippon Filing Co., Ltd.".
Oct. 1951 Construction of a system for full scale production of steel bookshelves and other shelving commenced.
Nov. 1955 Osaka branch established.
Jun. 1962 Matsudo plant completed, relocation carried out.
May. 1965 "Lite Bin" medicine management rack released.
Mar. 1967 Mobile shelf "Electric Stack Runner" released.
Apr. 1968 "Sky Rack System" automated warehouse released.
Jun. 1971 Steel bookcase JIS standard certified.
Apr. 1976 Mobile shelf " Handle Type Stack Runner" released.
May. 1977 Circulation shelf "Pick Rack" released.
Jul. 1977 Mobile shelf "Front Runner" released.
Oct. 1977 First domestic JIS standard certification received for steel shelves for goods.
Nov. 1977 Automated Storage and Retrieval System  "Container Server System" released.
Sep. 1979 Large scale storage facility seismic resistance tests carried out at National Research Center for Disaster Prevention.
Jun. 1981 "Pick Pal" digital display system released.
Sep. 1981 7 "Biblio Series" stackable system furniture products awarded the first G Marks (Good Design) for steel shelves in Japan.
Aug. 1982 New plant completed in Mitsukaido City, Ibaraki Prefecture, relocation carried out.
Jan. 1984 Pallet circulation shelf "Pneuma Thru" released.
Sep. 1985 Kashiwa Technology Center established.
Jun. 1988 Pallet circulation shelf "Push back Rack" released.
Dec. 1992 Humidity Controlling Board (HC Board) released.
Aug. 1994 Horizontal pallet circulation shelf "Pneuma Thru Ⅱ" released.
Mar. 1995 Automated Storage and Retrieval System for books "Auto Lib" released.
Nov. 1995 Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA) conformity certification received for Electric Stack Runner and Handle Type Stack Runner.
Oct. 1996 Long Life Design Award received for "Biblio Series" stackable system furniture.
Jan. 1999 Book/material mass deoxidation business started.
Mar. 1999 ISO 9001 certification acquired.
Dec. 1999 Electric Stack Runner awarded FY1999 G Mark (Good Design).
Jan. 2000 "Pal Cart" wireless LAN picking cart system released.
May. 2000 Bamboo bookshelves "ETS" and "EBS" released.
Nov. 2001 Digital assort system with five color display added to "Pick Pal" digital display system lineup.
Dec. 2001 ISO 14001 certification acquired.
Apr. 2003 New type "Bibilio Series" released.
Apr. 2004 Small to mid-sized library oriented Automated Storage and Retrieval System "Auto Lib Mini" is released.
Jan. 2005 "UE Type Multipurpose Shelves" released.
Oct. 2006 New type "Stack Hover/Lite Bin Hover" released.
Nov. 2006 "UF Type Multipurpose Shelves" released.
Nov. 2007 "Automatic Return Sorter" unit 1 delivered.
May. 2009 Automated Storage and Retrieval System "Auto Lib" achieves 35 competed orders.
Aug. 2010 Digital assort system with five color display-wireless type released.
Mar. 2011 "LA Labo" library automation research lab established.

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