Greetings from the president

President and CEO

Our company was founded as the Tokyo Steel Furniture Factory in 1924 as the first steel furniture manufacturer in Japan.

Thereafter, until today, based on a motto of "providing better storage systems", we have delivered storage facilities and equipment, centering around steel shelves, to a variety of fields including government offices, cultural facilities, factories, physical distribution centers and hospitals, making many contributions to society as we travelled our own unique path as a storage system specialist manufacturer.

In recent years, environmental changes, including the globalization of society and the IT revolution, have also brought about changes in the needs of storage systems, diversifying into areas from the preexisting need for efficient utilization of space to high frequency storage and retrieval, storage of small quantities of large varieties of goods, and total cost reduction. In addition to this, for storage systems themselves a variety of new requirements have appeared including storage and retrieval labor reduction and speed improvement, precise inventory management, and real-time management through integration with higher level computer systems, etc.

The mission our company is appointed with in this environment is to take full advantage of our abundant experience and apply it to cutting-edge technologies, while constructing storage systems which serve to create value for customers.

Under a company creed of "consistent sincerity", we work together as a company to mobilize personnel, technologies organizations and hearts and minds to provide better storage systems.


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